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The name GV1 was born from joining the names of two of the former bands of the founding members. It is the fusion of Tony Miles' band – Gibraltar and Dennis Wilcock’s band – V1 – which he formed with Terry Wapram after they left Iron Maiden in 1978.
Despite their close friendship over the years, Tony Miles only listened to V1 for the first time in 2014 from a demo tape recorded some 35 years previously, at the Spaceward Studios. Incidentally, it was shortly after recording this demo tape for V1 that Dennis Willcock recommended the studios to Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris and this is how the now famous Soundhouse Tapes were recorded there. Tony Miles who had played with Phil Collen (Def Leppard), and Fred Ball in Tush, was surprised how similar V1 and Gibraltar sounds were. The renewed interest in the recent re-emergence of Dennis from obscurity and Tony’s pedigree has inspired the pair to form GV1 and not only to produce new updated versions of the efforts of Gibraltar and V1 but also to write new songs and produce brand new original material.

Dennis entered the world, a born performer, in the September of 1950 in London.  His earliest performance on stage was for one of his local boy scout group's Gang shows.  While attending Highbury Grammar School in the swinging 60’s, this life-long Arsenal football, fan harboured a desire to be in a band and formed Elmo’s Fire with friends.  After leaving school, Dennis had a busy musical career in the 1970’s and early 80’s and was infamously known for his time as the sword wielding Iron Maiden vocalist.  He used fake blood capsles on-stage and his intense performances made many a girl swoon as the blood began to flow.

During his time with the band Dennis wrote the lyrics to Prowler and Phantom of the Opera, amongst others, before leaving Iron Maiden in 1978 to join Terry Wapram and Charlie Borge in forming V1.  V1 recorded a three track demo at Spaceward Studios and it was after listening to a copy of the , Dennis had given him, Steve Harris followed suit and recorded the Iron Maiden's Soundhouse Tapes at the same studio.  

Dennis then joined Gibraltar, a band that was being formed by guitarist Tony Miles, formally of Tush, and drummer Jim Lassen.  They were soon joined by ex Iron Maiden guitarist Tony Parson and his brother Steve Parson on bass, this line up didn't last long and Micky Tickton from Tush took over Steve on bass.  Dennis returned, with Gibraltar this time, to the Spaceward Studios and recorded their demo.  Dennis performed with members of many diverse influential bands such as Paul Samson, Chris Aylmer and Barry ‘Thunderstick’ Purkis of Samson, Mick Bolton of UFO and Alan Warner from the Foundations. 

Known as the "missing man of metal" Dennis Wilcock disappeared from the music business for over 30 years, choosing an award winning design career over music.   The V1 and Gibraltar demos were digitally remastered and released, in 2014, by High Roller Records in tandem with Dennis' re-emergence onto the music scene in a collaboration with former Gibraltar band mate and guitarist, Tony Miles.  They are currently in the process of writing a new album for their band GV1  

The Demo sessions from V1 and Gibraltar are available on both CD and VINYL and they are called 'Gibraltar/V1 Spaceward Super Sessions'.
Dennis Wilcock 'The Prowler' GV1 GibraltarV1 played in an early Iron Maiden line-up
Tony Miles lead guitarist - GV1 Music - London Rock Music UK

Tony Miles is the co-founder of GV1 and Gibraltar. He is also lead guitarist of GV1 and self-taught. Starting with learning all the riffs he could find at 15 years old from the greats; ZZ Top, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Humble Pie and of course, Hendrix.  The young Londoner went on to play in numerous bands in and around the London circuit, including Gibraltar (his own). He played with a large mix of musicians including members of Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Adam and the Ants, David Bowie and Gary Numan. His travels have also led him to play at a host of historic music venues during the ‘80s including, The Marquee, Camden Music Machine, Dingwalls Dance Hall and The Rochester Castle.
Tony’s charity work has taken him to The Royal Albert Hall and many great London theatres playing guitar for the Chicken Shed, the children’s musical theatre company.  He now resides in Cambridgeshire and before setting up GV1 with Dennis Willcock he played in a number of general covers bands. Tony has also been studying the work of guitarists whom he considers to be unique innovators, Tom Morello and Kim Thavil. They inspire him to take his playing to a new level.

Mike Cochrane the drummer for GV1 was mesmerised early on by heavy meal drummers with a fast and furious style. He followed in that vein after picking up his first set of drumsticks at 12 and after a few introductory lessons became largely self-taught.  Mike has gained great experience with over 2 decades of playing in many bands including Slayer-esque metal band ‘Clandestine’, ‘BronxCheer’ an indie-rock band and rock/pop act ‘Hypercolours’ that had the pleasure of playing at Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club during the IPO Festival.
The volume of Mike’s drumming has earned him a certain amount of infamy. Although he admits to being a hard rocking metal head at heart he has a certain finesse and understand it’s not all about the power and has an eclectic mix of influences, like Slayer and Megadeth the thrash metal acts, to mellower musae like Dave Mathews Band and Spin Doctors.
He has also contributed to live sessions and recording sessions over the years including theatre work and with his main influences listed as Carter Beauford, Travis Barker and, not least, Dave Wreckl, it’s reassuring to know that the students he passes his knowledge onto, when he has the spare time, are learning from someone who, in turn, has learnt from the best.

Mike Cochrane GibraltarV1 GV1  on drums UK rock music
Tony Tinsley Bass Guitar for GV1 GibraltarV1 Music - London rock Music UK


Tony Tinsley was born and raised in Wigan in the North of England. With his roots firmly planted within this Northern Soul town, you might expect GV1’s Bass player to have taken to a different style of music altogether. Tony’s father owned a live music venue and after being introduced to the live scene he picked up his first guitar at 14 years old. As he got older, Tony stayed around the live scene for a number of years, working as a sound engineer and guitar tech for a number of bands on the Northern club circuit.
His musical taste leaned towards The Who, The Verve and Pearl Jam. Chris Cornell was inspirational for his song writing excellence. Musical inspiration came from those mentioned but also from The Stone Roses, Soundgarden and Audioslave. It was playing in a tribute act. dedicated to the last two bands. that Tony came into contact with Tony Miles and Mike Cochrane who he would later join with to make up the current setup of GV1, where he supplies backing vocals as well as playing bass guitar.

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GV1 GibraltarV1 Live at the 12 BAR club performing CRAZY<br />Dennis Wilcock 'The Prowler' vocals<br />Tony Miles Guitar<br />Tony Tinsley Guitar<br />Mike Cochrane Drum
GibraltarV1 GV1 performing PROWLER - LIVE at the 12 BAR Club <br />Dennis Wilcock is 'The Prowler' from Iron Maiden<br />Tony Miles - Guitar<br />Mike Cochrane - Drums<br />Tony Tinsley - Guitar<br />





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