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Steve Harris and the guys from the Iron Maiden line-up as you've never seen them before, set to clip.  The video shows you what the looked like then and now and has some Iron Maiden facts included too.

Barry Purkis a.k.a Thunderstick, met up with his former band member Steve Harris recently and shared the news of his find of a 1977 tape that he made at Scarf Studios just two weeks after he first played with Maiden. Steve Harris simply smiled and said "Yeah?.......Fantastic!!!"

If you want to see other clips from that never before heard tape then click Iron Maiden Sanctuary 1977 or visit Legacy Project youtube channel


Thunderstick is currently raising money for his forthcoming 2017 album.  Take a look at his Pledge page and see how you can become part of Iron Maiden's Legacy, you can even get your name on the album cover - take a look here Thunderstick Pledge

Above is a picture of the actul tape case from Thunderstick


The existence of tapes and recordings prior to the Soundhouse Tapes have been actively sought and talked about by Maiden77 a fan based facebook page with good connections to earlier members of The Irons..  Now there is evidence of such ecordings, it appears the abuse they got from Maiden fans in forums and private messages telling them to show the recordings or be quiet, was totally unjustified.  And you never know, Maiden77's investigative skils may in the end may have recovered somethng that will have the fans owing them a huge debt of grattitude.  Maiden77 aren't satisfied yet, they believe there may be even earlier recordings than this - follow Maiden77 on facebook.


Doug Sampson Iron Maiden's The soundhouse tapes drummer Airforce
Dennis Wilcock, Iron Maiden's second vocalist GV1 and v1 founder
Iron Maiden guitarist, Bob Sawyer a.k.a Rob Angelo Nitro, Praying Mantis
Terry Wapram Iron Maiden guitarist V1 and Buffalo Fish

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