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Metal for Muthas was a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) compilation album from breaking bands in the first months of the new decade.  Metal for Muthas was released in February 1980 and amongst others, contained a track by Samson and 2 classic tracks by Iron Maiden, Sanctuary and Wrathchild.  

In iron Maiden's early years 1975 - 1981 there is a lot of talk about the instability of the numerous members of the band who came and went, whilst Steve Harris remained. Here is a perfect example of the transcient nature of British Heavy Metal, particularly London, back in those early years.  

This recording of Wrathchild was made by Barry Graham Purkis at a 1977 Iron Maiden rehearsal session at Scarf Studios.  It appeared on Metal for Muthas recorded by a 1979 line-up.  Samson also appear on the compilaion album amd Barry Graham Purkis was to leave Iron Maiden and move to Samson, appearing as the drummer Thunderstick who played in a leather mask.  Clive Burr went in the opposite direction and left Samson to play drums with Iron Maiden.  And a singer, known as Bruce Bruce, swapped Samson for Iron Maiden and also changed his name.  Welcome Bruce Dickinson - see his first Iron Maden gig here

See our Youtube playlist has all the clips that have been released so far on the Iron Maiden 1977 rehearsal tape .  
Wrathchild Iron Maiden 1977, metal for muthas 1980, Thunderstick Barry Graham Purkis, Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Another Life Thunderstick, Barry Graham Purkis, Iron Maiden 1977 rehearsal tapes featuring Steve Harris, Dennis Willcock, Tony Moore, Terry Wapram and Thunderstick

Jimmy Kay of YouTube channel The Metal Voice asked Barry - if he would ever release the tapes of the 1977 Iron Maiden rehearsal - "“Who knows, I have put these 30 second bursts on my Facebook and the kind of interest it generated is quite phenomenal, there are certain people saying that they look on it as the heavy metal holy grail to have something such as that, a 1977 recording of those songs. There is no way I can go out and release them cause I could imagine the full force of Iron Maiden’s legal team would come down on me because the songs there in contain Steve Harris compositions. However, I own the tape. I own my performance on that tape. However I don't own the copyright of the songs." See Barry Graham Prurkis a.k.a Thunderstck's interview here


Thunderstick is currently raising money for his forthcoming 2017 album.  Take a look at his Pledge page and see how you can become part of Iron Maiden's Legacy, you can even get your name on the album cover - take a look here Thunderstick Pledge

Above is a picture of the actul tape case from Thunderstick

Thunderstick proving MAIDEN77 was right all along

Barry Graham Purkis actively urges viewers to visit Maiden77 on facebook to discover the truth,  This is a hell of an endorsement for a facebook page that has suffered all sorts of ridicule and name calling when it fist aired it's discoveries on the early years of Iron Maiden about 2 years ago.  Turn yourself into n educated fan of Iron Maiden and vist Maiden77 on facebook.


Doug Sampson Iron Maiden's The soundhouse tapes drummer Airforce
Dennis Wilcock, Iron Maiden's second vocalist GV1 and v1 founder
Iron Maiden guitarist, Bob Sawyer a.k.a Rob Angelo Nitro, Praying Mantis
Terry Wapram Iron Maiden guitarist V1 and Buffalo Fish

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