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Legacy Beast the Comic is just 24 hours from release and we had the idea to show the comparative quality between the deluxe art associated with the fairly new genre of Heavy Metal compared to standard Comic book art.

The Derek Riggs original art work is pushing nearly 40 years old and it has clearly stood the test of time, look how it compares to the 2017 version of the same picture.
Legacy of the Beast Iron Maiden Derek riggs Heavy Metal February 1979
Derek Riggs heavy metal magazine artwork eddie legacy of the beast iron maiden
First of all we will cover the Derek Riggs cover in Heavy Metal, above is his first cover from 1979.
Above is the 2017 one from the same magazine, Heavy Metal
Derek Riggs signed art cover comic con heavy metal magazine Legacy Project Iron Maiden fansite
Iron Maiden Derek Riggs art Eddie Legacy Beast Project
Signed edition, procured by one of our founders, of Heavy Metal from London's Film and Comic con in July 2017
The art is from a pre-existing unused piece of art available from Derek Riggs’s website, it was created during the time he was working for Iron Maiden.
Llexi Lion Legacy of the Beast Iron Maiden comic con exclusive cover
This is the EXCLUSIVE comic convention cover these are advance comic convention copies, they have different covers, and Llexi Lion.  The comics creator said they also have different colouring and are on better paper than the regular run.

llexi lion creator legacy of the beast iron maiden comic eddie signed legacy project
A WHOLE table of Signed and numbered London Film and Comic Con edition
Exclusive Iron Maiden Legacy of the beast comic llexi lion creator eddie
Heavy Metal magazine Legacy of the beast Iron Maiden Eddie comic Legacy Project fan website uk
Iron Maiden's - Eddie: Legacy of the Beast. Comic Con exclusive's edition.
This is the first page of Art, note the detail on the skull.
Heavy Metal magazine previews 12 pages, not the whole magazine.  Again, this is the first page of art.
Check out the detail of the skull and you may be able to see the quality difference

Iron Maiden Legacy of the beast eddie comic Legacy Project

Creative Team:
Writers: (Story) Llexi Leon, (Script) Ian Edginton
Pencil Artist: Kevin J West
Cover Artist: (A) Santi Casas
Inks Artist: Jason Gorder
Color: Raúl Manriquez
Letters: Jacob Bascle

Llexi Leon, Interactive Creative Director at Phantom Music Management says, "After 40 years of unbridled creativity, innovation, and attitude, Heavy Metal has always been a home to the greatest talent in sequential storytelling and fantasy art. With a natural affiliation to the heavy music genre, it's a nexus point for counter culture and alternative arts. I can think of no better partner to explore Iron Maiden's Mythology and expand the Legacy Of The Beast!"

Three mini-series have been planned if the initial sales are high enough. and given the quality of the art and story, they should be he also said there may be collected graphic novel editions in the future.

LOTB Volume 1 Release Schedule:

Issue #1 - October 11, 2017
Issue #2 - November 15, 2017  UK | Europe | USA (East) | USA (West)
Issue #3 - December 13, 2017
Issue #4 - January 17th, 2018
Issue #5 - February 14th, 2018

With the 1st issue official launch date at comic retailers everywhere is October 11th, ask your local comic book shop, quoting the Diamond Order Code for Issue #1: AUG171760 or visit Iron Maiden's website to order online.


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