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Paul Di'Anno Interview

He talks about all his bands after leaving Iron Maiden, his health AND

a member of The Soundhouse Tapes line-up
never officially mentioned before.

Legacy Project:  Hi Paul thanks for the interview today how are you.?
Paul Di'Anno:  Well I have really bad knees that need to be replaced.  I’m used to being active but being stuck in my flat and not touring is driving me nuts.  I am bored silly!  I am keeping positive though and hoping I have the operation to fix it soon.

Legacy Project:   Wow, lets' hope it's soon.  It’s been a long time since you left Iron Maiden what are your thoughts on your time with the band?
Paul Di'Anno:  I am grateful and very proud of my time in Iron Maiden.

Legacy Project:  What can you tell us about your first band with Loopy?
Paul Di'Anno:  It was a right laugh!  We kept changing instruments.  One minute I'm playing bass, the next I'm drumming and doing vocals, we were just trying to find our thing.  We used to rehearse at Alan Gordon's Studios as it was nice and cheap.

Legacy Project:  Did you audition for Iron Maiden?  
Paul Di'Anno:  Yes, I performed Deep Purple’s 'Dealer'....
new video maybe
... and was offered the job.  To be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted to join but when Steve (Harris), played me the songs, which were going to be on the album,
that convinced me to join.

Legacy Project:  After you left Iron Maiden you formed Dianno can you tell me about that?

Paul Di'Anno:  When I left Iron Maiden I was determined to do record something completely different from what I had done with Iron Maiden. Dianno  was a shock to many people as it was far more influenced by say Rush than Iron Maiden I wanted to show people that I was my own man and felt I needed to distance myself from the Maiden stuff I didn’t even play any Iron Maiden songs on tour.

Paul Di'Anno - DIANNO<br />Flaming Heart
Paul Di'Anno Battlezone<br />I Don't Wana Know
Paul Di'Anno - DIANNO - Flaming Heart
Paul Di'Anno - Battlezone - I Don't Wana Know

Legacy Project:  You then formed Battlezone?
Paul Di'Anno:  Great band, I had a brilliant time!  The sound was much heavier more thrashy than Dianno, it worked out great and we had a lot of success in the States.  But in time, line-up changes and with record company interference, the band morphed into Killers.

Legacy Project:  Tell me about your time with the Killers.

Paul Di'Anno:  I had a great time with them, we always seemed to be on tour . The fans loved us, especially in South America.  We could play a show in the evening and find it being sold as a bootleg the next day.

Legacy Project:  So Gogmagog?  What was it like to be involved in that project?

Paul Di'Anno:  It was awesome to play with the guys and to be back with Clive Burr, Janick Gers and Neil Murray.  I was brought in to the SuperGroup to replace David Coverdale and the others replaced John Entwistle and Cozy Powell.  

But there were problems.  The main problem was, we weren’t allowed to write our own songs, two of the songs recorded were written by King and the third by composer Russ Ballard.  It was a shame really, it could have been great if we had been allowed to write for ourselves.  The other problem was they were holding out for mega money, tens of millions, for record companies to sign us and that didn’t help.
Legacy Project:  Wasn't your next band called Almighty Inbredz?
Paul Di'Anno:  Yeah, that was a great band, I loved playing live.  We had a song called 'Gary Glitter Baby Sitter'.......and I’ve still got a T shirt with that on it from back then.  We played to proper punk audiences.  It felt like in the heyday of punk, it was absolute chaos onstage, everything was played at 100 miles an hour.  Once we played 15 songs in 25 minutes.

Paul Di'Anno - The Almight Inbredz<br />The Serpent and the Shrew
Paul Di'Anno - The Almight Inbredz - The Serpent and the Shrew

Legacy Project:  How was it playing with Praying Mantis?
Paul Di'Anno:  Well that was like a free holiday in Japan, it was great playing a few shows in Japan is always a great place to visit.

Legacy Project:  On recording the first album.
Paul Di'Anno:  Will Malone was the wrong person to produce that album.  He had probably recorded Mike Oldfields 'Triangle' or something and often record companies, back then, pumped big money into a project, ridiculous amounts of money, then give you a shit producer who is completely wrong for the band.  Bands often had commercialism forced upon them. I had to rewrite six songs on one album, in a couple of days, to make the record company happy.






Legacy Project:  So when was the last time you saw Steve Harris?

Paul Di'Anno:  We bumped into each other at Heathrow several years ago but we haven’t had contact since.

Legacy Project:  Didn't Steve contact you personally about the Early Days DVD?

Paul Di'Anno:  No it was someone from the 'Office'.  I flew back from the middle of a tour and recorded my bit.

Legacy Project:  There was another Iron Member who you were closer to.  Do you have a favourite memory of Clive Burr?

Paul Di'Anno:  So many that most of them couldn’t or shouldn't be printed!!
BUT, there was this one particular time we were staying in a hotel in Sheffield.  And we were staying in separate rooms and his room had a bath and mine had a shower.  Anyway, we had agreed to swap so I could have a bath and he could have a shower.  This one time I came down to his room, to use his bath, and as I went to go into into his bathroom, he said, "Sorry about the smell but I've just been to the loo." So I walked in there anyway and the bathroom stank of sh*t.  But it wasn’t until I reached around and pulled open the shower curtain that I saw he had done his sh*t in the bath.

Me, Clive and Dave Murray were always out to have a laugh when we were on tour.

Legacy Project:  Moving forward to the present day.  In May of last year, you had an impressive release called 'The League of Shadows'.  This was with Architects of Chaoz, the band you formed from your German touring band, The Phantomz, but you're no longer part of that, would you mind telling me what happened there?

Paul Di'Anno:  Well you're correct, I had come up with the band and we made the album, but I had been very ill in hospital and I came out to find they had decided to continue without me.  

Legacy Project:  What's your next move?

Paul Di'Anno:  Well, I don't want to give too much away but I have a new project now, the albums being written, and it will blow them away.
Legacy Project:  That sound interesting, please come back and let us know more as it happens.

Paul Di'Anno:  We'll see (Paul laughs)
You must have seen the Album cover artwork from their self titled first album BUT have you seen the artwork

Legacy Project:  Do you remember your time with Iron Maiden well?

Paul Di'Anno:  Yes

Legacy Project:  How about recording of The Soundhouse Tapes?

Paul Di'Anno:  Yes, why?

Legacy Project:  I was wondering if you could clear up a question that has been bugging Iron Maiden fans for years and it regularly appears on Social Media and in the forums?

Paul Di'Anno:  I'll try to help if I can

Legacy Project:  Well Doug Sampson tried to remember but he couldn't help.  And from a certain perspective, it looks like Steve Harris has obviously blocked any mention of him.  It looks like Dave Murray was going to mention him, on the Early Days DVD, but he was abruptly cut.  

Paul Di'Anno:  OK

Legacy Project:  The question that no official answer has been given to, is this:  Did Paul Cairns record with Iron Maiden on The Soundhouse Tapes?
Paul Di'Anno:  Yes!.  I can remember him being there, clear as day.  He played on The Soundhouse Tapes and he was a nice bloke, I remember hanging out with him.  I think he lived Swiss Cottage way.

Legacy Project:  Thank you so much for clearing that up, it's nice when a new piece of the Iron Maiden puzzle is found.

Paul Di'Anno:  No problem

Legacy Project have mocked up to show what The Soundhouse Tapes cover should look like
Legacy Project:  Sometimes you get flack from Maiden fans because you have made comments about Bruce Dickinson or the band

Paul Di'Anno:  (Laughs)  Really?  I wasn’t aware.  I may of said some things, but it’s part of the performance.  As I have said I have the utmost respect for the guys

Legacy Project:  What do you remember about writing with Iron Maiden ?

Paul Di'Anno:  Obviously I remember writing my songs, 'Remember Tomorrow' and 'Killers'.  I can also remember coming up with the drum beat for 'Running Free', after nicking the idea for it from a Gary Glitter song.  A lot of the songs were ready and in place to be recorded for the first album when I joined.

Legacy Project:  So what else do you have in the pipeline apart from the secret project you already mentioned?

Paul Di'Anno:  Well, there’s another project I'm involved in at the moment.  I'm doing filming and stuff and we're going to do an official thing at the Cart and Horses on Sunday 29th October.  It's only supposed to be for around an hour but then I plan to hang around there and have a few drinks.  Maybe catch up with old friends.  

I'll definitely be signing autographs for the people that have made the effort to come.  People can have pictures with me, if they want.  I do want to point out though, I will not be charging for autographs.   I cant f**king stand that!  

These are my fans, people that have bought my albums and probably come from miles away to see me.  So I'm happy to sign stuff for free.

Also I cant wait to playing shows in Europe and South America I want to play in the UK as soon as I am fit enough because it’s been a while since I played here.  It’s all about getting the right Promotor so that I can play the right venues and of course..... getting my knee sorted.

Legacy Project:  I know you are in a lot of pain so I just want to thank you on behalf of Legacy Project and Iron Maiden fans for taking the time to speak to us today and giving us such a great insight.   Good luck with all your future  projects - Oh just one more thing, where can people buy tickets if they want to come and show support at the Cart and Horses on 29th October?

Paul Di'Anno:  People can buy tickets by following the link at the Cart and Horses facebook page or - click this


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