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Buffalo Fish are based in the UK out of Camden Town in London.   Pete A. and Terry Wapram are the founder members of this hard hitting band. As a two piece, they played occasional gigs and enjoyed them immensely but knew for the material they wanted to produce; a different band line-up was needed.   Enter an old friend of Terry’s and a seasoned tour manager Keith Forbes of Reddog Productions, who introduced Dwight to the duo.   Dwight was in his own band at the time but after some serious persuasion agreed to join the guys.

Now with Pete (drums and percussion), alongside Dwight (bass guitar, Moog, vocals), they discovered an incredible musical rapport between them and formed an unstoppable rhythm section.  The search for a singer and frontman to complement their new set-up, which also featured Terry on Lead Guitar was now seriously underway.   Rehearsals ensued with the help of an old friend taking on the role so the band could tighten up their sound and although a few people tried out, it was proving really difficult to find the right person for the key position.

Londoner Rob Stitch (Stitch) had been performing for years and when he found himself in-between bands, late in 2013, he got in touch with his old friend Dwight and decided to come down and have a go…………..
With two guys from London, a Hungarian and an American in the band, there are so many different influences driving their music, it doesn’t specifically fit a genre but Stitch’s dynamic personality and soaring vocals proved to be the missing link and now Buffalo Fish’s raw power is undeniably ROCK!

They may have a foot in the past but Buffalo Fish, musically, are firmly cemented in the NOW!  With almost two years behind them writing and then recording new material, Buffalo Fish's unique identity became stronger and their much anticipated debut album "Raw Bait" was released and is now available to buy.

Terry Wapram of Buffalo Fish played in an early Iron Maiden line-up

Terry bought his first guitar at the age of fourteen and in the same year, he broke his leg. Whilst being unable to attend school, he spent his time learning how to play.
Terry was greatly influenced by Jimi Hendrix after seeing him play. He moved on from acoustic guitar to electric. Terry's father got him his first electric guitar and his first band, 'High Heat' was formed with a couple of mates. At that point in time, the band was very fortunate to play alongside 'Ace', and 'Ian Drury' and other greats of the pub rock scene of the times.
In 1977, Terry was playing at The Marquee when Iron Maiden approached him to join them. He spent a year with them helping to develop their early material. Terry left to form the  band in 1978 with Dennis Willcock. The demos from this union are now being released as a mini album including the 'Gibraltar' demos from the band Dennis formed after V1.
Terry played in blues bands and various other projects over the years building up a solid reputation as an ace guitarist. Terry was approached by the songwriter, Graham Waxman to arrange and play guitar on his projects. This included a French video game and a Euro-vision song entry!! This also included A.O.R. rock tracks for the American market. In the mid 1980's, he started working with some mates again and 'Space Chickens' were up and running.
Terry withdrew from his musical career for several years after his wife became seriously ill and subsequently died. His close friends tried to encourage him to play again. In particular, Steve. Terry's friends in Ibiza invited him to guest with them which he did whilst on extended visits. He then realised he still loved to play.
After a long old haul, Terry poured his heart and soul into music again. He met Pete, a drummer, through blues and jams and then met up with Dwight, a cool bass player who agreed to join them. Stitch, a friend of Dwight's came down to sing and Buffalo Fish evolved.

Born in Hungary in the early 1980's, Peter took up playing the drums for fun. He soon found a deep love for percussion. Throughout the rest of his childhood he studied many drumming styles before going on to study music and progress his skills. Whilst living in Hungary, Peter played with many bands and musicians.
Peter arrived in England in 2006 and he became a sought after session player for London based musicians. he was the house drummer for numerous open mic and jam sessions throughout the capital. Early in 2013 he met up with Terry and began jamming with him in the basement of the world famous 'Hope and Anchor'. The bones of 'Raw Bait' were laid down at 'The Vortex' London early on in 2014.
Peter from Buffalo Fish Music on drums
Bass Guitarist Dwight - Buffalo Fish Music - London Rock Music UK

Grew up in Virginia, U.S.A. in the 1960's. He was greatly influenced by his uncle who gave him his first harmonica around the age of five years old. This relationship came to an abrupt end when his uncle was drafted to Vietnam. Some five years later, Dwight's mother bought him a small drum kit which he fell in love with.
Dwight followed such acts as, 'Sam and Dave', 'Procol Harum', 'The Rolling Stones' and 'The Beatles' learning to play the drums to many of their tracks. Late in 1967, Dwight found an old electric guitar his uncle had left behind and he began the process of learning how to play it. By the time Dwight was twelve, he really took to the bass guitar after hearing it in the neighbourhood.
This was the beginning of a real love affair with music. Dwight carried on developing his musical skills throughout high school but it was only when he arrived at university that he found like-minded people. For the next ten or so years, Dwight played the music scene all over Florida. Amongst other instruments, Dwight became accomplished on the Double Bass and the Chapman Stick.
Dwight decided he wanted to check out the music scene in Europe, in particular, London and in 1989 he became a session player playing with numerous acts. He enjoyed varied success over the next few years.
Dwight met up with Terry in 2013 and joined up for regular jams with him and Peter. The band was almost complete.


Had little interest in the performing arts until around 1989 when he tuned into 'Guns and Roses' and heard their debut album: 'Appetite for Destruction'. He particularly admired Slash.
Stitch took some guitar lessons and then with a couple of friends formed the band: 'Stimulant'. This lasted a few years before the band parted company. Stitch was invited to join: 'Zeta Reticuli' as a backing vocalist and guitarist. This was a very successful union until 2001 when a serious accident put a dent in Stitch's ambitions. After recuperating, he joined 'Xes 1'
Late in 2013, Stitch heard from his muso mate Dwight that he was with two other guys jamming at The Hope and Anchor, Islington. At the jam, Stitch was invited to try out his vocals and the four of them gelled.

Stitch on Vocals for Buffalo Fish Music - London rock Music UK
Buffalo Fish youtube music videos
youtube Buffalo Fish Music videos
BUFFALO FISH LIVE at the 12 Bar Club - 1<br />Dwight on Bass guitar, Peter on drums with Stitch vocals and Terry Wapram guitar
BUFFALO FISH LIVE at the 12 Bar Club - 2<br />Dwight on bass guitar<br />Stitch on vocals<br />Peter is the Drummer<br />Terry Wapram playing guitar<br />Buffalo Fish Music
Voodoo Chile - Buffalo Fish cover - <br />Peter drummer<br />Stitch vocals<br />Terry Wapram guitar<br />Dwight Bass guitar<br />Buffalo Fish music
BUFFALO FISH - DEVIL'S DREAM - London Rock Music UK<br />Dwight - es session player<br />Stitch - ex XES 1<br />Peter - ex house drummer<br />Terry Wapram - ex Iron Maiden
Buffalo Fish playing STOP - Live - with Terry Wapram and Dwight on guitars, Pete on drums and Stitch singing.
BUFFALO FISH - PROTECTOR<br />Buffalo fish London rock music<br />Terry Wapram, Stitch, Peter, Dwight<br />Heavy metal


(full track)

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